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Forthcoming models for 2022


We are starting to get some of the 2022 catalogues through and these are some of the kits that will be appearing throughout the year. The focus looks like being on German WW2 subjects and if you like Stugs you’ll be spoilt for choice, but there are some others that are worthy of note: a new Crusader MkII from Border Models and a Chieftain Mk10 from Meng should be popular.

There are also some re-releases due. Mainly old Matchbox kits from Revell  (Particularly pleased to see the Wespe – I made the pattern for the pickaxe on the mudguard – my first job at Matchbox…. Hmmm. It’s showing its age). There are also some classics from Airfix and the Dragon SAS/LRDG Jeeps are to be re-released.

All these are scheduled for release during 2022 but no word exactly when they will go on sale. Most of the traders are taking pre-orders but some may not appear until well into the year, so keep watching the traders’ websites.


We’ve just had news of some planned kits from Zvezda, but no images as yet. The kits are:

Zvezda 3538 Russian T-26 Tank 1:35 Plastic Model Kit
Zvezda 3544 Soviet Tank Infantry WWII 1:35 Plastic Model Kit
Zvezda 3577 BMD-2 Soviet Tank/Military Vehicle 1:35 Plastic Model Kit
Zvezda 3582 German Panzergrenadiers 1:35 Plastic Figures Model Kit
Zvezda 3613 German Sturmpioniere WWII 1:35 Plastic Figures Model Kit
Zvezda 3623 Soviet T-15 With 57mm Gun 1:35 Plastic Tank Model Kit
Zvezda 3624 KV-1 Mod 1940 Soviet Tank 1:35 Plastic Model Kit
Zvezda 6284 German Sturmgeschutz Stug IV Tank 1:100 Plastic Model Kit
Zvezda 6285 Sd.Kfz.234 Puma 1:100 Plastic Tank Model Kit
Zvezda 6286 US Machine Gun Browning With Crew 1:72 Plastic Figures Model Kit



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