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Changes to judging system for 2020 MAFVA Nationals.

Based on the experiences of the 2019 Nationals competition, when there were problems with judges taking too long deliberating over models, which led to too little time to record the results and supply them to Dave Blomley who was sorting the prizes and certificates for presentation we need to bring in measures for the 2020 competition to ensure it runs more smoothly next year.

We will…

1. Bring ‘window’ for checking in down to 2 hours from 2 hours 45mins.. That should be plenty and will give judges more time to judge the whole competition. Check in will open at 10.00am and close at 12.00am.
2. Adopt the AMPS system of only allocating 6 mins per model for judging. The number of marks per section will be reduced to enable judges to reach a final mark more quickly.
3. Have a cut off time by which time all score sheets must be submitted. I’m suggesting 2.30pm. Thoughts?
4. Ensure that I have the mobile phone numbers of all judges so that they can be recalled if we do not have all the results in time for recording. This year we only had 30% of the scores in by 3.00pm!
5. Look at the possibility of having a laptop on the check in desk and entering all the details on that and sharing them directly with Bob for recording. This will get rid of the entry slips and ensure Bob has a list of entrants, classes and names of models with a reference number right at the start.
Thanks go to all those who judged this year and I hope you will step up to be judges next year and these new measures will help you judge more quickly and more easily, leaving you more time to enjoy the show.
John Paulding
Chief Adjudicator – MAFVA Nationals Competition.