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Shuttleworth Model Show – 2023

Lots of kits stacked high… but the temperatures were really low. The hanger doors were open all day! Brrrrrrr!

Both Cambridge MAFVA and Northern Home Counties went along to the 2023 model show at the Shuttleworth Collection, Bedfordshire, which is conveniently placed just off the A1. The show is mainly about aircraft, as you can see from the trade stands that were piled high with aircraft kits, but there was quite a bit of ground forces represented on the model display tables. In addition to the two MAFVA clubs, Mildenhall and Milton Keynes also displayed some fine army hardware.

The Shuttleworth Collection is best know for it’s extensive, and unique collection of ancient flying machines, mostly dating back to before World war One; including the oldest aircraft in the world that is still capable of flight. However, tucked away throughout the museum there are some interesting vehicles that would make excellent model subjects or are already available in kit form…

How’s this for starters? Groan!
Excellent reference for your Tamiya model
and this one too….
and the 1/32nd Matchbox MG would be well suited beside a Spitfire
But perhaps this would also be suitable for an airfield setting…
…along with this BSA…
and this Fordson?
Not everything in the Collection has wings or wheels…
…and who knew the Corgi had a post-war life in Civvy Street?
Bikes share the hall with early flying machines…
…and the Collection has its model makers too….
…but this is what most visitors come to see. Note the un-guided missiles.
Another one that ended up as a Matchbox subject. The spy-dropper Lysander!

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