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Review – Tankette 57/6 (December 2022)
The final issue of Tankette for 2022 is out and starts with a cover photo of a model of Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go as seen at the 2022 MAFVA Nationals.

Page two takes us to the ‘Member’s Models’, a selection of images that have been sent in by folk from around the planet. This time we see a small scale WW1 rail gun, two 1/35th scale Russian armoured cars, one Czarist, one Soviet, and a more modern Russian AFV the BMPT Terminator.

Page three has the usual contact addresses, contents list and editorial from Robin.
Dick Harley and Stuart Harrison combine forces to bring an inspired article for the ‘Reality Checkpoint’ on the Thunder Models Scammell Tank transporter kits. This gives us a history of the vehicle (and trailers), comments on accuracy and hints on correcting the errors. Alongside all the data and text is a scale drawing to allow the modeller to build an accurate chain locker. It is certainly a combined effort with help coming in from a wide circle of friends, all with something to contribute. This is what MAFVA is all about, and Tankette allows all members to share the research.

Normandy Bunkers then gives us a guided tour of the German emplacements near Omaha Beach in Normandy. There are a lot of bunkers still in existence over there, and this article shows a few prime examples that we are able to visit.

The next article features a ‘how to’ on building the Cranes 5 ton trailer, whilst he recreates a scene found in a 1940 photo as a small scale diorama. In the scene, a Scammell RT% breakdown truck is towing a 5 ton trailer with a Vickers Light Tank Mk VI on it, and a Bren Carrier on tow behind. This is set off with a background of suitable buildings. Peter Davenport includes his scale drawing of the 5 ton trailer.
Robin brings us ‘In the Market Place’ where we are shown some of the recent kit releases from a variety of manufacturers, across the scales. I can never keep up with what is becoming available, so appreciate this resume.

The ‘Case for Books’ has its usual mix of AFV orientated books from a variety of sources, giving us a heads up on what is available and the contents.

Stop Press: Is a report from Steve Cox on the recent delivery of a Conqueror tank from Bovington to the Royal Yeomanry and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum at Thoresby. Seems like the emplacement was inspired by Ukrainian farmers with tractors pulling it into place.
Cookie Sewell reviews the MiniArt KMT-5M mine roller set with a potted history and look at what the different sets provide. It is quite an involved subject, so this resume is quite useful.

The piece this issue from David Fletcher looks at the obscure Fowler/Hay Siege Engine of 1880. It was a useful design, and passed all the tests required at Shoeburyness, but as there was no urgent need (i.e. no ongoing war) no orders were issued.

Referring back to the model on page two, the last article in this Tankette looks at the BMPT Terminator series of vehicles, and is written by noted author Simon Dunstan. With a detailed history and supported by a selection of photos, Simon gives an excellent presentation on the Russian AFV.

Possibly one of the most varied issues of Tankette, only possible by the generous members who supply the articles.
Although Tankette is now in the hands of Royal Mail, be aware that we currently have a series of industrial actions which may affect the speed of delivery. The electronic copy will not be affected of course.
Paul Middleton MAFVA 1528


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