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Tankette 58-1 now available to MAFVA members


Tankette 58-1

This issue is available in digital form to MAFVA members only in the Member’s Area of this website.


And so, we now have the first edition of Tankette for 2023 hot off the press (Or server if you elect to receive the cheaper electronic version).
The colour cover photo is of a U.S. Army Sherman M4A3E8, no further info, but it looks like it is ‘Fury’ from the film of the same name, in 1/35th scale. Set on an appealing diorama base with a ruined house as a backdrop.
Page two has its usual mix of member’s models, this time with a pair of small scale Royal Navy post-war vans, plus three 1/35th models built from kits of varying vintages.
Page three is the admin. page with the Committee contact addresses, disclaimer, list of contents and the important editorial from Robin Buckland.
As Robin points out, we have had problems with the MAFVA website, and will be transferring imminently to a better provider, where we will have more control. Bear with us if you have any problems, but do report any non-working or problematic issues.
Dick Harley provides his ‘Rotunda Round-up’, where he reports on responses he has received from previous articles. More material on the 18/25 pounder, the Airborne 25 pounder Mk2, and a reality check on various available kits. Plenty of information, photos and drawings to assuage our interest.
Newcomer Rob Cousin, who is local to me, has contributed his first article for Tankette describing his build of the 1/72nd scale Dragon kit of the Stryker ICV Dragoon kit No. M1296. I always find it interesting to see how other modellers have tackled ‘challenges’ with kits.
Next we have an article on 3D printing from Stuart Harrison, who discusses the process of the system, describes the machinery required, and lists the pitfalls that can occur, and gives a few pointers to help us along the way. The diagrams amply illustrate the text, with multiple photos of the finished product.
‘Out in the Marketplace’ has a host of new releases in the different scales and manufacturers, and also includes a new batch of decals.
The ‘Case for Books’ has its usual mix of book reviews to tempt us into seeking out recent publications.
Former editor Tom Cole returns with an interesting article on building the T31 Demolition Tank. Based on the Sherman with a purpose made new turret, this variant was armed with rocket launchers. Tom had ordered a 3D printed turret, but when the item was delivered he realised it had arrived in the wrong scale. Fortunately it did match 1/56th scale, so he ordered a Sherman from Rubicon Models, and the result is pretty good. He then bought the 1/72nd scale kit from UM, and after swapping out the ‘iffy’ details, he again produced a good model.
Editor Robin fills in a small space with photos of the spare barrel carrier for the German MG34.
On page 18 we have the regular contribution from David Fletcher, where he highlights the most obscure of military vehicles from history. Many of these are considered fore-runners of the tank, and so have a place in Tankette. This time he writes about the Foster-Pedrail machine single cylinder model of 1904. Where else would we find a name like Bramah J. Diplock? Results from this machine were extremely impressive, but as so often, no money was available to develop it, or gain a production run.
The inner and outer pages of the back cover feature part two of the report by John Ham from the Russian UMMC/UGMK Museum, which features several of the armoured rail vehicles in colour.
Another excellent issue, well done to Robin for collating this interesting mix, and indeed to the contributors.
Paul Middleton MAFVA 1528


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